January 06, 2014

Playing With Sketchfab - Global Illumination With Cornell Room

Hey everyone. Happy new year!

Just thought I'd bring in the new year by tinkering with Sketchfab, the cool 3D model hosting site without plugins.

This is my first foray. I'm not, obviously, a modeller nor a gamer, so this is not to show off any skills other than my competency in uploading this ;)

I basically wanted to recreate the global illumination with cycles, but make it real time. To do this, I had to bake a light map for the environment. Unfortunately, there's no easy way in blender to bake a lightmap in Cycles (feature request!), so I basically had to cheat, unwrap the objects and back using orthagonal projection. After a long process, I finally got all the lightmaps working and in Sketchfab.

Take a look!

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