December 15, 2013

Hadron Particle Accelerator - W.I.P. Test

Here's a little something I wanted to test out today. Using my new 780 GTX graphics card, I was playing around with making the particle accelerator from the famous image HERE.

I'm going for a procedural approach this time, trying to get the modelling to be as editable as possible using multiple modifiers. The metal poles are just a bezier curve and the metal octagonal rings are spun instances using Blender Cookie's awesome technique with the array modifier. The stairs are also multiple instances, and the crappy material on the pipes is Cycles procedural brick material. I plan on making it much more elaborate and detailed in the future. This was just my original inspiration for today.

I think the noise is not too shabby, after rendering only about 1000 samples in 7 and a half minutes. The image is based on a sci-fi script I wrote a couple of years ago. Who know, maybe it'll be resurrected someday... :)

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