October 29, 2013

New Tutorial: How To Create Demonic Ink!

Whew! This took a helluva lot longer than I expected. Codec problems, rendering issues (I think this took 12 hours to render - too long?), and the final product is far from perfect, but it's here so I'm happy ;)

Presenting my first foray into making a video tutorial for Blender (Best watched in Full HD):

As mentioned in the video, here's the free background texture you may use for any of your projects:

And finally, feel free to contact me if you'd like to take a peak at the blend file that I used in this video.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


  1. Hey why wasn't I notified about this cool blog?! I really like your work and thanks for taking the time to create such a detailed and easy to follow tutorial.
    I love the idea of mixing various types of physics to achieve a real world effect. BTW do you have example .blends for some of your other scenes? Like the anatomy stuff etc.
    Oh and finally I would love some feedback on my tuts for the VSE at youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/user/davidmcsween ) or wordpress ( http://blendervse.wordpress.com/ ), your tutorials seem very professional, I would really appreciate any advice ;)

  2. Hey there - glad you like the site and the tutorials! Really appreciate the comments ;)
    I probably do have a few blend files lying around that show my process (I'm assuming for the anatomy process you're referring to the brain turntable animation). I'm always eager to see what new topics people want me to cover on this blog.
    As for advice? Just keep going. Honestly, this was my first video tutorial and I spent waaay to long on it. I'm still getting off the ground, but what helped was going over the steps a few times before I recorded. Also, show your audience the final effect in the beginning of the video so they know what to expect.

    I like your website and channel too. Especially the cloning one! Reminds me of a technique that Colin Levy used in one of his videos a while back (he's the director of "Sintel").

    -Blender Illusionist