December 31, 2012

Updated Rotating Brain Animation

Hey guys,

I realized that for some reason, of all my videos on Youtube, my brain animation turntable has been doing better than all of them based on views. About twice as many as the next closest, to be exact.

It's gotten approximately 976 views, whereas my next most popular video ("Realistic Slow Fire") has only received 455 views. It's probably just because it's in the Science & Technology category.

Therefore, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to upgrade the video. The issue? I realized it was only 10 seconds long, at 360p resolution (tiny) and at low quality. Funnily enough, I had used a social rendering service called Renderweb to render out HD frames of the brain turntable 2 years ago, but had never actually uploaded them. Why? I don't know.

So here in it's glory is the new turntable render at a whopping 45 seconds! In order to make it more interested, I also added annotations to give it some context and facts about the brain.

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