July 05, 2012

Pyrotouch iPhone Game - Fireworks!

Hey everyone,

I don't normally post a non-blender posting, but I just thought I'd share an app I've been working on the for the past several months with some friends of mine. It's called PyroTouch, and it's a free fireworks performance game! Unlike those other games, this one has a time limit and several different touch actions to activate (e.g. swipe, tap, double-tap) the targets.

Check it out! Each performance level is a different city, so we start in Vancouver, but eventually will move to all around the world.

I designed all the fireworks, and I wish I could say I did them in blender, but it just wasn't possible :)

Here's the gameplay trailer:

And if you like fireworks, definitely check out Blender Diploma's great tutorial on using particles with Blender 2.63.

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