March 20, 2011

Visual Effects are all in the mind

It occurred to me the other day that visual effects are not as simple as we think. In fact, they serve a remarkable and often overlooked purpose: they can make a person think differently.

February 13, 2011

Two Blender Blogs I really appreciate

Really good tutorials for the 2.5 series:

Playing With The Blender

Ben Amend Blog

Swirling Galactic Energy Vortex

I like the name for some reason. :)

Done with blender "Point Density" particles and some post effects (Glare node)

Brain Turntable Animation Promo

Was designed for a client dealing with brain optimization and personal development. I think the SSS values were too high in this render. Here's a better idea of where the shader is at now:

New chakra animation!

Done with Blender 2.5 and After Effects with Trapcode's Particular.