October 19, 2010

Chakra Energy Animation

I've always liked Eastern imagery, especially involving chakras and energy. It's cool to visualize, so I've done a symbolic interpretation of what that might look like.


  1. Dear Producer,

    I searched for Chakra’s and found your site. I really enjoyed watching your produced “chakra Energy animation” clips and wanted to see if we could have your permission to use it in my fiance’ TV program.
    My fiancé has a program about "knowing our true selves" which part of it deals with Chakra energy systems. Her weekly program is broadcasted by AFNL (Iranian cable channel). AFNL is one of the many Iranian TV stations(about 20 TV stations, privately owned), that broadcast for Iranian community . I found your sites having many beautiful clips about human being as an energy system and its relationship with the universe that can enhance her program. This program is for educating Iranian viewers about Chakra systems and we appreciate if you allow us to use your animations for educating Iranian viewers about Chakra's. It helps people understanding chakra energy system and blessing goes to you and athers who are facilitating this education free of charge to others.
    Please let us know if we can use some of the clips in our TV programs w/o any charge. Please respond by emailing me at ali_aryafar@yahoo.com.

    Ali Aryafar

    1. Hi Ali,

      You are certainly welcome to use my animation in your television program, as long you credit my name and send me a link to the finished piece!

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