December 16, 2013

Large Hadron Collider - v02 W.I.P. - Larger and More Post Productions

OK, well never content to leave well enough alone, here's another render that I made, spending the better part of yesterday rendering. It's at 1920x1200 (the resolution of my monitor) in case anybody wants to use it for a desktop image. It's still a work in progress, but I think it's cool.

Notice the darker look (I accidentally rendered out in "linear" space for you color geeks out there), and a slight film grain to dirty it up a bit. Also some very slight chromatic abberation, because lord knows how easy it is to go overboard with that sort of thing.

I've been meaning to show my process more, so I think posting unfinished stuff is a good start. Enjoy!

Click to see the full size image.


  1. Starting to look very good, love the hadron collider, looks very sci-fi.

    Nice work, will be nice to see how this turns out.

  2. Thanks, man. Appreciate the support!
    -Blender Illusionist